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The Gorilla Girls

Hi Niels,

We wish we could come with our Bikini’s to your swimming pool party, but we are both out of the country. How was it? We were too late in reacting to your question, we hope you made some artistic moves, can we see something online?

You brought up statistics about the position of women in the arts.  According to the Gorilla Girls, 83 percent of the objects of nudity are of women, but only 3 percents of the artists belongs to the female sex. When we informed my mother about this striking statistics, she replied immediately that she wouldn’t be surprised if  the 17% cases of male nudity are made by homosexual artists. So according to my mom, women artists still don’t turn males into objects.

If you look at other statistics outside of the art world, it is very shocking to realize how many power potions man posses in compressing to women. If we also take in consideration the physical limitation of women, such as the fertility age that put women at the boarders of the age and society, women’s freedom is still very limited.

The photos under are from an Installation by Yael. In this case she was the subject and the object of her project.  This work is autobiographic, and as Yael being a woman that is a big part in her biography..

Yael and Yafit

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