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De dienaren van het Interieur

Hello again Niels,

In the article ‘Kapitaal en Décor’, the author  Michel Draguet  refers to the objects in Stevens paintings as ”[…]de dienaren van het interieur” – in our free translation- ‘servants of the interior’. We think that the women in Stevens paintings play a similar roll. By treating the objects and the women in the same means of visual techniques, the women in Stevens painting become also part of the décor.

We have to ask ourselves if this is a conscious choice of Stevens, a choice that reflects clear social critique, or is it our days perception – only the way we  ‘read’ the paintings now?

We collected some art works that for us connecting to the subject of a woman as servants of their surroundings.

Yael and Yafit

'Kapitaal en Décor', Michel Draguet

Ofelia, Gregory Crewdson

Gustav Klimt

Saskia Radovic

Seated Woman , Pablo Picasso.

The kitchen, Marina Avramovits

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